Revolution Kids (Grades K-5)

Kids doing life together. Learning together. Sharing together. Building relationships together. Serving together. Remember the old neighborhood crew growing up? You know, where people knew one another’s names? The crew you saw at school and played with in the neighborhood? Relationships that in some cases have continued forward even until today? Revolution Kids is our ministry for Elementary School aged kids. We help your kids grow as followers of Jesus Christ, connect them with other kids, and help you as parents in raising them…

But it’s also not just about the kids. In a busy world, families are looking for a deeper level of connection. At Revolution Church, spiritual successes look like a family who talks about their faith together. This is why our teaching is tightly integrated so children, youth, parents – whole families – are all learning, but on age appropriate levels. Revolution Church longs for the whole family to have a positive experience by growing in their faith together.

Kids Sunday Morning Teaching

What is Orange Curriculum?

Watch this brief video to learn more about Orange…

Watch 252 Basics on Vimeo.

During our Sunday morning worship gatherings kids are dismissed within the first 30 minutes to have their own age-appropriate time of connecting, teaching, and activity.

All of our children at Revolution grow through a curriculum called Orange.  This method of learning combines the influences of church and home to create a unified, whole-family approach to growing in faith and wisdom. Here are some helpful links to connect you with learning more about Orange…

What is the Orange Children’s Curriculum all about?