LittlePeeps August 2017



Find out what your kids are up to this month in LittlePeeps to continue the conversations and spiritual growth at home.

  • Be in-the-know about what your kids are learning this month.
  • Download resources to spark conversation.
  • Work with your child to learn the memory verse.


What We’re Teaching.

Each week we’ve been learning about our wonderful world and what the Bible teaches us about God’s creations.

God Made the Land & Plants – Genesis 1:9-13

God Made the Water & Sky – Genesis 1:6-10, Genesis 1:14-19

God Made the AnimalsGenesis 1:20-25

God Made People – Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 2:7, Genesis 2:20-23

This month’s memory verse is “You have done great and wonderful things.” 2 Samuel 7:23



 Take this into your week.

Download these resources for morning time, meal time, drive time and bed time conversations on God’s Word with the whole family.



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