New to Revolution Roots

Looking for a small group to connect, study, and grow with? We have three great ways to do this! Whether you are new to Revolution, wanting to connect with people in your neighborhood or life stage, or if you are looking to walk more closely with God, we have a small group experience to help you connect, grow, and serve. Find out more about the different groups below…make a craft too. 

Life starts at its Roots.
If you are new to Revolution Church, we would love the opportunity to help you connect with new people, learn more about the community and its mission and vision for ministry, and grow in your understanding of who God created you to be and his purpose for you.


This is a one night study and question session for those new to the Revolution Community with our Lead Pastor Brian Ebel. At the end of the study is an opportunity to get connected to a Renovation Small Group, and find out different ways you can serve both inside and outside the walls of the church campus. 

Join us for the next Roots Course on January 15, 2017 from 12:30-1:45 pm at the Revolution Campus.

Please sign up for the Roots Course HERE.