Lent 2023

We know what the scriptures say, we are supposed to forgive others as Jesus forgave us. But how do we do that in a world that seems so easily offended and unapologetic? What does true forgiveness look like? And how does it differ from reconciliation? We all long to experience healing, wholeness, and justice today, but how?

Join us this Lent as we dive in to what repentance and reconciliation can look and how we can apply it in our lives to heal our relationships, community, and world.

Audio-Only Podcasts

Introduction to Forgiveness (02.26.23)
  • Introduction to Forgiveness (02.26.23)

    Introduction to Forgiveness (02.26.23)

    Feb 27, 2023 •

  • Confession (03.05.23)

    Confession (03.05.23)

    Mar 5, 2023 •

  • Repentance (03.12.23)

    Repentance (03.12.23)

    Mar 13, 2023 •

  • Amends (03.19.23)

    Amends (03.19.23)

    Mar 20, 2023 •

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