International Missions Partner – Go Ministries

Serving Page Picture 01Revolution Church’s international missions partner is Go Ministries. Each year we have a team of volunteers who travels to the Dominican Republic to help nationals grow the Kingdom in the Dominican Republic. We also support an international pastor in the Dominican Republic through Go Ministries, Reverend Rafael Torres.

Meet our International Pastor in the Dominican Republic, Rev. Rafael Torres!

rafael-torres-lg-2Rafael is the Associate Pastor in Hoyo de Bartola, known as “The Hole.” Rafael is married with three sons and a daughter and longs to see and know the Spirit of God be strong in all he does. Specifically, his goals include:

  • To know the Spirit of God is strong in their work
  • Christians and families to come together in the community
  • The Spirit of God to be strong on all the pastors and their work
  • God will grow their family strong in their faith
  • God will enter the hearts of people who do not know him right now
  • North American supporters will be blessed as they have blessed them

Rafael grew up in the area near Hoya de Bartola, known as “The Hole” with two brothers and two sisters. His dad had problems with alcohol and died many years ago. His mom lives in Hoyo de Bartola and lights up the room with her vibrant smile and bear hugs. Rafael met his wife, Elba, while he was playing baseball. She also lived in the area and had lost both of her parents. She came to the church in Hoyo de Bartola when she brought their three sons and daughter to the Nutrition Center in 2002. She loved the church and sometimes would help out at the Nutrition Center. Upon her repeated requests, Rafael visited the church in 2003 and later made the decision to be baptized in 2007. A few years later, Rafael began helping Pastor Felix with the Nutrition Center and the water purification projects. His assistance was welcomed in a community of 500 families. The Nutrition Center feeds over 100 children a hot meal each day, the purified water program provides clean drinking water for all of the families in the community, and the outreach he offers by being a loving neighbor is invaluable. Rafael loves working with the kids to help them grow up strong and mentor them. He says he loves working for God in the community and that while his work is slow, it takes time to bring such change in such brokenness.DSC05252

Meet our Missionary working with Go Ministries in the Dominican Republic, Juan Casa Del Valle!

Juan & Heather went on their first trip to the Dominican Republic with the Revolution Church team in 2014. While Juan was there, he began to feel the hand of God working on his heart and very soon thereafter applied for a position with GO Ministries.

Juan will be in charge of coordinating and executing the logistics of the Leadership Development Complex (LDC). He will be developing mutually transformational partnerships with North American churches and individuals with Nationals on the island of Hispaniola. He will also coordinate all Kingdom Business functions which include developing small businesses to create employment, income and needed goods/services on the Island.

Juan & Heather will spend their summers guiding North American teams on the Island and developing partnerships with local leaders. They will guide these teams as they assist nationals with feeding kids at the nutritional centers, helping with their medical center, and working with local leaders in their churches to further their ministry needs.

If you are interested in supporting Juan in his ministry with our missions partner Go Ministries as a second-mile gift (one that follows your regular church gifts), please click HERE to be directed to their online giving site.

Collide Coffee

As part of our partnership with GO Ministries, we’re brewing their own special roast of coffee in our cafe, called Collide.  For every bag of Collide coffee sold, proceeds provided 1 week work of lunches for 1 child in countries like the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  Come try the Dominican Blend on Sunday mornings in our cafe or purchase your own coffee using the link below.