LittlePeeps September 2018



Find out what your kids are up to this month in LittlePeeps to continue the conversations and spiritual growth at home




We’re introducing a new curriculum this fall!

We’re excited about this new curriculum we will be using in the LittlePeeps’ nursery area published by Group. They’ll use building blocks to make a road–and welcome Jesus’ triumphant entry! They’ll rescue dolls from Daniel’s Lion’s Den–and discover they can trust God. They’ll shake blue paper to sound like stormy seas–and learn that God helps them when they’re afraid. Each Play-n-Worship lesson uses objects from a child’s everyday world–plus play, fun, stories, and songs.

The lessons teach in ways little ones learn best…by doing! Play-n-Worship is designed according to the latest proven teaching methods and best practices–and it’s made to last an entire year. Because repetition is important at this age level, lessons will be taught five weeks in a row to reinforce learning. There are 5 to 8 play techniques included with each lesson, so kids experience the Bible point in lots of new ways. After five weeks, we will move on to the next lesson! Children will experience:

  • Age Appropriate Lessons Taught by Doing
  • Praise & Worship that Reinforces the Lesson
  • Repetition in Lessons Each Week to Reinforce Learning
  • Interactive Playing Techniques


What We’re Teaching.

During the month of September we are finishing up our learning that “God’s Way is Perfect.” LittlePeeps are discovering through great Biblical stories such as Jonah, Naaman, Josiah and Gideon what it means to trusts God’s plan! It may not look like it is going to work out and sometimes we don’t want to do what God has called us to, but if we listen and follow his way we will see his great purpose for our lives.

After we complete these lessons, we will begin our new curriculum and focusing on God’s love for us.



Upcoming Kids’ Night Out!

Building healthy kids stems from healthy parent relationships. We provide a place for your kids to come and connect with other kids under the supervision of certified childcare workers, while you take a break and care for yourselves. Ages 6 months and up are welcome. The cost is $15 for the first child with a $25 family cap.

Saturday, September 8th – 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Saturday, September 22nd – 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Saturday, October 13th – 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Saturday, October 27th – 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Registration closes each week on Thursday night the week of Kids’ Night Out at midnight. Register Here.

Join us for VBS in 2019.

Mark your calendars for June of next year (most likely the last week of June, but stay tuned for that official announcement). This next year we’re going to Athens to learn the story of Paul. Kids will get to travel back in time to hear God’s word through Paul and the adventures of Athen’s marketplace (Ages 4 thru 5th grade).



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