Kids doing life together. Learning together. Sharing together. Serving together. Praising together. Building relationships together.

Kids growing together, learning together, and playing together is a big part of life here at Revolution. In RevolutionKids, your children (ages 5 – 5th Grade) will worship together, learn valuable life skills and lessons from Scripture, and grow as followers of Jesus Christ, all while making lasting friendships in a fun and engaging environment. Not only that, but we want to help you as parents in raising them and continuing these lessons at home, because a spiritually healthy family is one that is growing in their faith together.

Check-In and Pickup Procedures

Are you new to Revolution? We know new things can feel intimidating sometimes, but trust us – it couldn’t be easier to register your kids for RevolutionKids! Click on the button below to help you prepare for Sunday morning, and don’t worry… we’re here to help you and your kids find their way!
RevolutionKids Parents’ Guide



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