Our Vision

We are joining Jesus in the revolution of transforming lives through teaching and serving.

We believe that our faith is the platform from which we live our lives. Because we believe, we seek to live and serve in ways that bring measurable and sustainable transformation to the world around us.

And as we seek to learn and live, we believe God moves in ways beyond what we could have ever imagined by bringing Heaven to earth – this is the Kingdom, and we believe the Kingdom is like a revolution that not only transforms all it touches, but never ends…

Our Core Values

Out of this belief flow our three core values:


Helping people see Jesus
(Acts 17:27)

How is God being revealed to you? A sunset? A newborn baby’s smile? An encouraging word? in prayer? Through music? In a photograph or painting?

All around us God is moving, being revealed to us that we may come to know God personally, what God is like, and what God wants for us and for the world. Our desire is to help you see God at work and join God in that work.

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Learning to live the way of Jesus
(Acts 17:28)

When was a time in your life that you needed renewal or new life? Was it after a loss? During a difficult time in your career? When a child was born? A tender or tough moment in a relationship?

Jesus came to teach people how to have a new kind of life – God’s life, resurrection life, a life filled with depth, meaning, and purpose now and that never ends.

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Creating measurable and sustainable change (Acts 17:34)

How has God touched you through the actions of other people? Someone who encouraged you? A stranger who helped you when you were stranded? A friend who listened to your problems? Someone who gave you resources when you were in need?

The Kingdom of God is the revolution that changes the world. People find their deepest needs fulfilled. Injustices are confronted. Needs are met. People use their resources to bring hope to others. Revolution Church is committed to releasing God’s revolutionary love to others both in our community and around the world.

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