Vision + Values


Revolution Church Core Purpose Resurrect:
Learning to live the way of Jesus (Acts 17:28).

  • A Teaching Church in worship, small groups, and leadership development
  • Renovation House Groups that meet in people’s homes to study and grow
  • Revolution U an online teaching community for spiritual growth
  • Revolution Kids & Youth ministries that synchronize age-appropriate teaching with the adult teaching so kids and youth know God’s revolutionary love and families have tools to grow together
  • Revolution Little Peeps that shares and shows the revolutionary love of God with infant to pre-schoolers

Why Resurrect?

Listed above is the second core purpose of Revolution Church: Resurrect. Think about it for a moment: when was a time in your life that you needed renewal or new life? Was it after a loss? During a difficult time in your career? When a child was born? A tender or tough moment in a relationship? Jesus came to teach people how to have a new kind of life – God’s life, resurrection life, a life filled with depth, meaning, and purpose now and life that never ends later on.

What does teaching look like at Revolution Church?

Related to this purpose of Resurrect is another important question: “What does teaching, small groups, and discipleship ministry look like at Revolution Church?” This is an important question, as it shapes the way we grow in our relationship with God and with one another. So let’s talk about our purpose of Resurrect and how that purpose fits into our vision of teaching and discipleship.

Teaching is the “aha” moment

Think about it: we live in a culture where people hear, see, taste, and touch all kinds of messages every day. These messages compete for time, money, loyalty, relationships, and a variety of other resources. Most of these messages are about adding another layer to life in a world that is already busy and chaotic.

This is why the message of Jesus is completely revolutionary: it isn’t about adding another layer to our lives, it’s about transforming the whole person and the way life is lived. It’s about asking if one needs all the layers to begin with or at least changing the way the layers affect one’s life.  It’s not just a piece of who you are but the core. The message of Jesus is the “aha” moment in life that awakens, stirs, redistributes, and transforms who we are and the way we live.

The goal of our Resurrect purpose at Revolution Church is to teach the life-giving message of Jesus in a revolutionary and life-changing kind of way. It’s like the “aha” moment when you learned how to fix something or when you figured out how a system worked. Or maybe it’s like the “aha” moment when after searching for something that was lost, that which was lost appeared before your very eyes.

Or better yet, like an “aha” moment when you realized from that moment on your life was going to be different. The message of Jesus is all about these “aha” moments of revolutionary love and hope. It’s the life-giving and life-changing message that changes people and the world.

Renovation House Groups: doing life together

People are looking for real and meaningful relationships today. This is why our Renovation House Groups are all about bringing people and the teachings of Jesus together so people learn to do life together. Our small group and discipleship ministry happens outside the walls of the church in people’s homes, public places, and during different days of the week that meet the needs of that group.

The groups are structured according to ages, stages, interests, and geographical location. And the materials?  The materials will integrate with the Sunday teaching so people can attend a house church group during the week and learn more on Sunday morning. It is our hope that the house church ministry will be an open door for those who are searching, and that in being located outside the walls of the church with familiar people, it is a safe place where questions are asked, answered, and Resurrect-ion begins.

Revolution U: for the power-user

Maybe you have a desire to go deeper. The same old-same old studies aren’t doing it for you anymore – there is a longing for more of God, more teaching, deeper growth. Revolution U is our online teaching community for power-users – those who want to go deeper. Click here to find out more about Revolution U.

Revolution Youth, Kids, and Little Peeps

In a busy world, families are looking for a deeper level of connection. At Revolution Church, teaching successes look like a family who talks about their faith together. This is why our teaching is tightly integrated so children, youth, parents – whole families – are all learning, but on age appropriate levels.

Our Revolution Little Peeps is a nursery ministry featuring certified professionals caring for your children during worship on Sundays. Our Revolution Kids ministry features a separate time of teaching outside the main worship gathering for children. Our Revolution Youth Ministry has Family Dinner on Wednesday nights and the Lamp on Sundays. Revolution Church longs for the whole family to have a positive experience by growing in their faith together.

Not fragments and layers…but the whole enchilada.

In the end, we long for our Resurrect purpose to not be another layer, fragment, or add-on piece to who you are or what you do, but to be a partnership with a Revolutionary God whose revolutionary love transforms the whole enchilada of who you are. We long for new life – resurrection life – to change hearts and minds so that people not only think differently and feel differently, but also experience life, and live life, differently.

This short synopsis may not answer all of your questions about what the Resurrect purpose is all about at Revolution Church. So…come and learn! Join us for a worship gathering, become part of Revolution U or join a Renovation House Group. Or find out more by e-mailing for more information.