2014 Teachings

Promise Teaching Slide JPGPromise
November 30 – December 28, 2014

The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel – which means, “God with us.” Matthew 1:23

Since the beginning, God has been making promises.

He made promises in a garden. To Abraham. Moses. David.
Ultimately God promised that a Savior would come who would
come and live among the people, shepherd them, and be a new kind of king.

Join us this Christmas Season as we look at the Scriptures God makes
throughout the Scriptures that led to the birth of Jesus Christ,
the Savior of the World.

Week # 1 – Meeting God in the Waiting

Week # 2 – A New Kind of King for a New Kind of Kingdom

Week # 3 – A Shepherd Who Brings Hope

Week # 4 – Waiting for a Yes.

Week # 5 – Seeking Holiness

Christmas Eve – Good News

Thrive Teaching Series Graphic JPGThrive – Fall 2014

Imagine being the brother or sister of Jesus. Would you believe Jesus was the messiah? Would you trust him with your life? Would you give your life for him? James went from an unconvinced little brother to a man on a mission. What was his mission? To give a simple message to the early church. Don’t just listen to the word. Do what it says. Don’t just claim to have faith. Let your works show your faith in action.

Join us this fall as we study the book of James and learn how followers of Jesus thrive in life and in faith when we put our faith into action.

Week # 1 – Thrive – Thriving in the Midst of Trial 

Week # 2 – Thrive – Heart + Hands

Week#3 – Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Week #4 – Faith + Works

Week #5: Taming the Tongue

Week #6: Managing Our Conflicts

Game Day

Game Day – Fall 2014

It’s football season, and depending on your love of college or pro football, either Saturday or Sunday is game day. Teamwork, commitment, and a playbook of guiding values and actions guide each team toward victory.

And it’s no different for churches. Join us beginning September 7, as we consider football, faith, and the power of teamwork on game day.

Week # 1 – Game Day! Knowing God’s Playbook…

Week # 2 – Game Day! Reading the Defense

Week # 3 – Game Day! Learning by getting in the Huddle

Week # 4 – Game Day! Serving by Way of Looking to the Scoreboard

Week # 5 – Game Day! The Power of Replication

Ritual Teaching Slide JPGRitual Teaching Series – August 2014

Ever wonder, “Why do they do that?!?” Why is Sunday the day for worship? Why does one church read the Scriptures one way and another church reads them differently? Why do some churches baptize only adults and others children and adults? And yeah, what’s that whole Holy Communion thing about? This teaching series looks at the rituals of the church and considers the question, “Why do they do that?”

Week # 1 – Why Do We Worship on Sunday?

Week #2 – Why Do we Read Scripture (and read it differently)?

Week #3 – Why Do We Baptize?

Week #4 – Why Do We Celebrate Holy Communion (and what does it mean)?