2015 Teachings

When God Moved In the Neighborhood JPG

When God Moved in the Neighborhood
Christmas 2015

Give me the real thing.

Isn’t that what we all want? The real thing? In a world of so much masquerade, masking, and manipulation, people want what’s real and authentic. So we come to the Christmas season. What’s it all about? In a few words…the real thing. Christmas reveals to us that God went so far to demonstrate his great love for us that he moved in our neighborhood. He walked in our shoes. Lived our life. Why? To give us real life.

Join us this Christmas at Revolution Church as we learn about a God who moved in the neighborhood. Why? He’s the real deal.

When God Moved in the Neighborhood Week # 1 – The Incarnation

When God Moved in the Neighborhood Week # 2 – Pointing to the Light

When God Moved in the Neighborhood Week # 3 – Recognizing + Receiving

When God Moved in the Neighborhood Week # 4 – The Incarnation of Empathy

When God Moved in the Neighborhood – Christmas Eve

Bigger Than Turkey - Teaching Graphic JPGBigger Than Turkey – Stories of Thanksgiving
November 2015

Turkey. Mashed Potatoes. Stuffing. Pumpkin Pie. Football. Family. Thanksgiving.

We love the food, family, and football of Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving goes so much deeper though. It’s an attitude of the heart. This Thanksgiving hear from two of the greatest Church Leaders Paul and Peter about why they are thankful.

Thanksgiving Week # 1 – Sorry this teaching is unavailable.

Thanksgiving Week # 2 – Darrell Pittman

Generosity Series Graphic JPGGenerosity
Fall 2015

God gives us a lot of different kinds of seeds: time, talent, treasure. The question is simply this…how will we generously sow them for the harvest?

Thankfully Jesus gives us an example of how to sow these seeds generously in the parable of the workers in the vineyard. Everyone is invited to sow what they’ve been given generously. The seeds they sow cultivate a great harvest. That harvest of changed lives is the legacy we’re called to leave.

Join us this fall at Revolution Church as we consider generosity and sowing
the seeds God has given us to change the world one life at a time.

Week #1: The Economics of the Kingdom

Week # 2: Generous with Our Time

Week # 3: Generous with Our Treasures

Week # 4: Generous with Our Talents

Week #5: Leaving a Legacy

Tailgating Series Graphic JPGTailgating September 2015

Football is back! The sounds, sights, smells, and the best part: tailgating.

We don’t often think of it but the people of God started out as one great big tailgating party that roamed from place to place for a 40 year season. God promised to be with the people, and the people promised to be with God. The people of God have always been best when they recognize they aren’t a place but a people on the move – a tailgating kind of movement…

Join us this fall at Revolution Church as we look to how we might recapture
the tailgating movement as God’s people called the Church.

Tailgating Week #1: The God Who Goes Tailgating in a Coleman Tent

Tailgating Week #2: Tailgating Movement vs. Temple Model

Tailgating Week #3: Running the Playbook

Tailgating Week #4: Building the Church Everywhere

Tailgating Week #5: Common People

Cast Away Series Graphic JPGCast Away
Summer 2015

Did you ever have the dream of being on a deserted island? It sounds great doesn’t it? Alone. The sun. The sand. The sea. While it sounds great, after a while life on the island gets lonely. You would likely want to leave. Some time ago, the television show Gilligan’s Island was about 7 cast aways who wanted to leave an island they were marooned on, but kept failing in their efforts. What kept them there? The sins and shortcomings in their lives.

Join us this summer at Revolution Church as we look to some original cast aways and consider how to cast away the sins + shortcomings in our own lives.

Week # 1: Cast Away

Week # 2: Maryann + Envy

Week # 3: Ginger + Lust

Week # 4: Mr. Howell + Greed

Week # 5: The Skipper + Anger

Week # 6: Mrs. Howell + Sloth

Week # 7: The Professor + Pride

Week #8: Gilligan + Gluttony

Week #9: Living in Freedom

One Teaching Series Graphic JPGOne Life.
June 7-28, 2015

one life.
It’s all we get.

This one life we are given is open to all kinds of possibilities. To grow. To change. To love + know God, others, and ourselves. To walk with others and see their lives changed before our very eyes.
Join us this June at Revolution Church as we consider the power in this one life,
celebrate our beginnings as a church, considering our vision for the future,
and look to the One True God who is leading us all along the way.

Week # 1: One Life Given + One Life to Change

Week # 2: One Table

Week #3: One Church

Week # 4: One Love

Daniel Teaching Slide JPGUnshakable
April 19 – May 31, 2015

Do you ever feel like life is moving too fast?

Values are changing. Cultures are transforming. People are adapting. Sometimes things are changing so fast that it can feel like you are living as an outsider in a foreign land.

Join us this Spring as we journey with Daniel, an unshakable leader with unshakable faith that God used to change the values, culture, and people of a foreign land who were living life in the fast lane.

Week #1: Standing for Purity in a Climate of Impurity

Week #2: Speaking the Truth in a Culture of Spin

Week # 3: Worshipping God in a Culture of Idolatry – Tyler Brumfield

Week # 4: Offering Repentance to a Culture of Tolerance

Week #5: Being Faithful When Culture Longs to Destroy You

Week # 6: Seeing the Son of Man and Finding Strength

Week # 7: Unshakable to the End

Losing My Religion Series Graphic JPGLosing My Religion
February 15 – April 12, 2015

Religion. Isn’t that what we’re talking about?
People ask that about church, Christianity, and the purposes of Jesus Christ. But for as much as we sit in pews, talk about rituals, and learn about rules for living, is that really what Christian faith and life are all about?

Join us this Spring for our journey into the season of Lent as we study the Book of Galatians and learn that the goal has never been a religion…it’s always been the grace of God as a gift to us.

Week #1: What’s So Hard About Grace?!?

Week #2: The Gospel of Grace or the Grind of Heavy Lifting?

Week #3: Grace Revealed to Give Grace Away

Week #4: A Gospel for All

Week#5: Who is at the Center of the Universe?

Week #6: Was Pelagius Right – Should We Simply Try Harder?

Week #7: The Two Trees

Easter: The Wager of Grace

Week #9: Living in Grace + Giving Grace to Others

Stuck Teaching Series Slide JPGStuck?
January 4 – February 8, 2015

Have you ever been stuck?

In life? At work? With trying to understand what your purpose in life is all about?

We all get stuck from time to time. Life gets messy, we find ourselves headed down a path we never wanted to follow, or struggle in relationships. The beauty is that God meets us in the mess and uses it to help us grow.

Join us this January as we look to the story of Joseph, a guy who got stuck in a variety of messy places and situations which God used to change his life and the lives of other people.

Week # 1 – Stuck

Week # 2 – When You’ve Been Accused…

Week # 3 – When You’ve Been Passed Over for Promotion...

Week #4 – Seizing the Divine Moment…

Week # 5 – Faithful with God’s Fortunes

Week # 6 – Giving God Glory and Not Seeking Revenge