2017 Teachings

I’ll Be Home for Christmas
Christmas 2017

Advent is the season we often prepare ourselves for the birth of Jesus Christ. But it’s even bigger than that. We also remember that he’s coming back! Join us this season at Revolution Church for our latest teaching series “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” as we prepare our homes and hearts this Advent for Jesus’ return.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Week # 1: It’s More than a Manger… He’s Coming Back! (11.26.17)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Week # 2: Prepare the Way (12.3.17)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Week # 3: Don’t Fall Away… (12.10.17)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Week # 4: Trusting the Promise… Nothing Is Impossible with God (12.17.17)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Week # 5: Christmas Eve (12.24.17)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Week # 6: Waiting… (12.31.17)

Fall 2017

It’s that time of year when the fields are ripe for harvest. There are seasons in the life of the harvest…sowing, growing, and harvesting. God is at work in all of them. This fall, experience the work of God’s harvest as he sows, grows, and harvests a crop one hundred-fold what you would ever believe possible.

Harvest – Week # 1: The Sower and the Seed (10.29.17)

Harvest – Week # 2: The Soils (11.05.17)

Harvest – Week # 3: Disciples + Crowds (11.12.17)

Harvest – Week # 4: The Power of the Harvest (11.19.17)

Fall 2017

RISE. It’s a calling that leaders realize when they are faithful and fruitful to God’s commands. It’s a command that God gives when it’s time to go forward and live into a promise. It’s the crown of victory that God’s people seize through patience and persistence.

Join us this fall at Revolution Church as we study the Book of Joshua and learn how to RISE and seize the promises God has given us.

RISE – Week # 1: The Lesson of Bold Leadership (9.17.17)

RISE – Week # 2: The Lesson of Faithful Process (9.24.17)

RISE – Week # 3: The Lesson of Shelter for the Broken (10.1.17)

RISE – Week # 4: The Lesson of Multiplication (10.8.17)

RISE – Week # 5: The Power in Prayer (10.15.17)

RISE – Week # 6: Revolutionary Ownership (10.22.17)

Route 66 – The Gospel Highway of Hospitality
Summer 2017

During these last days of summer, lots of people travel. Whether its driving historic Route 66 or I-65, the open roads can take us to the next grand adventure God has in store for our lives. Maybe you’ll even have guests come your way. Whether you’re traveling or having guests, hospitality makes the experience all the better.

Hospitality was the way of the ancient world. Loving strangers, caring for missionaries, providing comfort and rest for the weary traveler was a blessing after a long journey. Maybe there is something to be learned from hospitality and the third letter of John to a friend who he calls beloved. Maybe one of the greatest gifts we can offer as these days of summer draw to a close is the gift of hospitality and to love others well.

Join us at Revolution Church this summer as we study 3rd John and learn about the gospel highway of hospitality.

Route 66 – Week # 1: Making Room (8.20.17)

Route 66 – Week # 2: Faithful Hospitality (8.27.17)

Route 66 – Week # 3: When the Door Gets Slammed Shut (9.3.17)

Route 66 – Week # 4: Imitating + Inviting (9.10.17)

Summer Lovin’
Summer 2017

There are so many great passages in Scripture. In fact, the whole book is pretty spectacular! This summer, we want to share with you some of our all-time favorites. Join us this summer for our Summer Lovin’ series, and dive into some of the verses that have impacted your pastors’ lives the most.

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 1: The Thief (7.2.17)

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 2: Fruit Loops (7.9.17)

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 3: God IS Love (7.16.17)

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 4: Barbed Wire (7.23.17)

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 5: Doubt (7.30.17)

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 6: Great Expectations (8.6.17)

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 7: Getting Real with God (8.13.17)

God Never Said That
June 2017

When God moves…it’s like watching a wild fire spread. And when God’s wild fire spreads, you want to catch it, and be part of the movement.

People are caught up in the fire of God’s Spirit that burns brightly on us, in us, through us, to transform us and the world around us. When God moves…it’s through a people and for a people. In this season that we celebrate the birth of the Church and the movement of the Holy Spirit, our hope is that we will catch fire.

Catching Fire – Week # 1: Pentecost (6.4.17 – NO AUDIO)

Catching Fire – Week # 2: The Holy Spirit Works ON Us (6.11.17)

Catching Fire – Week # 3: The Holy Spirit Works IN Us (6.18.17)

Catching Fire – Week # 4: The Holy Spirit Works THROUGH Us (6.25.17)

God Never Said That
Spring 2017

People make a number of claims about what God said…

Whenever God closes a door, he opens a window…
The more you give and live without limits, the more God will bless you…
God doesn’t care what you believe…

Really? Seems like people have a lot to say when it comes to “what God says” on a particular subject. Pop theology, as we’ll call it, might sound nice at first, but are these statements really at the heart of what God has to say to us? Join us this Spring for our teaching series God Never Said That, as we take on some of the pop theology that has made its way into the Church and our culture.

God Never Said That – Week # 1: More Than You Can Handle… (4.23.17)

God Never Said That – Week # 2: When God Closes a Door He Opens a Window (4.30.17)

God Never Said That – Week # 3: The Prosperity Gospel (5.7.17)

God Never Said That – Week # 4: It Doesn’t Matter What You Believe (5.14.17)

God Never Said That – Week # 5: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves (5.21.17)

God Never Said That – Week # 6: You Don’t Have to Go to Church to Be a Christian (5.28.17 – NO AUDIO)

Lent 2017

Have you ever noticed how Jesus seems to love the mud, dirt, and dust?

Follow me (remember Israel is a dusty place)… He took mud and smeared it on the man’s eyes… He stooped down and drew in the dust of the earth…

The Scriptures teach us that our beginning starts in the dust of the earth, and our lives end in the dust of the earth. Lent begins with dust on Ash Wednesday, continues forward in so many miracles that feature the dust of the earth throughout his ministry, comes to Jesus’ own burial in a dusty cave, and then we hear the story of how he rises from the dust and ashes of the earth to new and everlasting life.

The rabbis used to say, “May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.” Join us this season of Lent as we follow Jesus from dust to dust, as he leads us toward the cross and the empty tomb.

Dust – Week # 1: Stay Dusty My Friends (3.5.17)

Dust – Week # 2: Defining the Relationship (3.12.17)

Dust – Week # 3: How Drawing in the Dust Saved a Woman from Rocks (3.19.17)

Dust – Week # 4: Spit + Dust = Sight (3.26.17)

Dust – Week # 5: Walking the Dust + Shaking It Off (4.2.17)

Dust – Week # 6: Returning to Dust (4.9.17)

Dust – Week # 7: Resurrection from the Dust (4.16.17)

February 2017

Do you ever wish that God had a cosmic bullhorn and could simply yell down from the heavens what you were supposed to do and when you were supposed to do it? Would it make knowing your purpose in life easier? 

Sure it would. That’s not how it works – and for a good reason. Join us this February as we journey together through Paul’s second letter to Timothy and learn how to begin discerning your calling or purpose in life.

Bullhorn – Week # 1: Calling VS Vocation (2.5.17)

Bullhorn – Week # 2: It’s All About the Who (2.12.17)

Bullhorn – Week # 3: Discerning Your Calling (2.19.17)

Bullhorn – Week # 4: Letting It All Go for the Glory of God (2.26.17)

Burned Out
January 2017

Have you ever been there? You say things like…

I’m done.
It’s time for something else.
I wish I could just move away and leave it all behind… 

Sure you have. Everyone gets there. Burnout is the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion of a person by way of prolonged and excessive stress. What do we do? Thankfully God offers us a model from a prophet who experienced the symptoms of burnout which left him underneath a broom tree – Elijah.

Join us this new year as we journey together in the best New Year’s resolution of all: to be healthy and spiritually vitalized again.

Burned Out – Week # 1: Realizing You’re Under the Broom Tree

Burned Out – Week # 2: Rest

Burned Out – Week # 3: Recharge!

Burned Out – Week # 4: Realize Your Purpose