Coronavirus Update 03.16.20

Hi everyone!

As of right now, we’ve decided to suspend all our in-person events for the weeks of March 15 and March 22. This includes our Sunday worship on March 22, which we will post online again with video streams of worship and teaching, just as we did last week (maybe even better than last week!) Stay tuned to your inbox, mobile app, facebook, or our website for more details and for the Sunday playlist.

Celebrate Recovery is planning to meet via an online hangout space on Wednesday March 18 and March 25. Click here to join the Google Hangout at 7:15 pm.

Home groups are encouraged to meet via video chat tools such as Zoom or Hangouts, which are free services available to most smartphones and laptop/desktop computers. Other tools such as the Band app, text, email, and phones are great ways to stay in touch.

Again, this was not a decision made out of fear, but out of deep love and concern for the most vulnerable among us. We believe this is an opportunity to love our neighbors as ourselves, and if some temporary changes (personal sacrifices) can help the common good by not spreading the virus farther and by not overwhelming our healthcare industry, then we know that we, the church, have a part in that.

You may have seen these words by Jamie Tworkowski, the Director of To Write Love on Her Arms:

“Conversations will not be canceled.
Relationships will not be canceled.
Love will not be canceled.
Songs will not be canceled.
Reading will not be canceled.
Self-care will not be canceled.
Hope will not be canceled.

May we lean into the good stuff that remains.”

Though our in-person events are suspended for now, the church is not canceled. Love, relationships, and hope are not canceled. So keep checking in on each other, pray for each other, and let us know if you need anything! If we can be praying for you or if you have any practical needs you need help with this week, send us an email at and we’ll do our best to get back to you promptly.

Be well, be safe, and know that you are loved by the Lord of all creation!

Be the Revolution!

Rachel, Matt, Darrell, Amy, and Micah