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Life Together

God created us for community. We heal in community, we grow in community, we laugh, we cry, we encourage, we comfort, we enjoy, we find our voice, we find meaning, and our gifts are multiplied in community. In short, we share life together, and everything that comes with it. Our groups are more than just talking about Sunday’s teaching or doing a Bible study – they’re where we activate our faith, where we let God transform us inwardly and use us outwardly as his vessels in the world.

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Grow Together

Small groups help us grow in four directions: upward, inward, outward, and forward. Upward, we grow in our relationship with God through focused study, prayer, and testimony. Inward, we discover more about who God made us to be, find healing and grace for our broken places, and activate and develop our gifts and our strengths. Outward, our groups serve together and use their collective gifts to make a difference in our community and in our world. And forward, small groups are a place where you can develop your skills as a leader to help others grow in these areas, too.

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Serve Together

The best way to serve is together! As a church, we support a number of larger missions projects, but the real hands-on stuff happens most often without any recognition. Our groups serve our community in many ways. Click the button below to discover some of the ways our small groups are making an impact.

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