In a Hurry

Fall 2023

We live in the digital age with more information at our fingertips than ever before. There is always more to read, see, watch, and do, overwhelmed by the deluge of news, social media, streaming platforms, and alerts. The result is that many of us feel hurried, stressed, behind, and just plain rundown.
But what is all this distraction and pace of life doing to our souls?

Join us this fall as we explore “how to stay emotionally healthy and spiritually alive in the chaos of the modern world.” That is, how to slow down and connect with the more important things, our God, our community, and even our souls. Jesus invites us to follow a way of love that is incompatible with a hurried life. Join us, as we adopt practices that will help us un-hurry our lives.

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Week #1: The Problem (September 10, 2023)
Week #2: Silence & Solitude (September 17, 2023)

Study Questions

Check out these RESOURCES and study questions with a small group (or even on your own) to dive further into this series’ teachings.

Week #1, The Problem
Week #2, Silence and Solitude
Resources for Practicing Silence and Solitude

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In A Hurry
In A Hurry
In A Hurry - Week #1: The Problem (09.10.23)
  • In A Hurry - Week #1: The Problem (09.10.23)

    In A Hurry - Week #1: The Problem (09.10.23)

    Sep 10, 2023 •

  • In A Hurry - Week #2: Silence & Solitude (09.17.23)

    In A Hurry - Week #2: Silence & Solitude (09.17.23)

    Sep 19, 2023 •

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