Shears, Shoots, and Fruit – June 2018

Jesus is getting ready to fulfill his mission. He’s on his way to the cross.He has been betrayed by Judas. He has told Peter he will deny him three times in a matter of hours. So then they leave the meal wondering… will it be their last meal together?

And that’s when he takes them through a vineyard. He’s the True Vine. His Father is the Vine Dresser. There’s cutting and pruning to be done and the purpose is fruit. That’s the purpose – to bear fruit to bring God glory. They are to love one another because they know the Master’s business.

And what happens when we, as Christ’s disciples, spend our time doing just that? What happens when we love one another and remain connected to the vine? We fulfill the purpose for which we have been appointed, and bear fruit that will last! Welcome to the Revolution. Join us this June for our latest teaching series, entitled “Shears, Shoots, and Fruits.”


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