Living Like Jesus

Winter 2023

The start of a new year is full of possibility; places to travel, goals to achieve, changes to make, new habits to create. There is a steady buzz from our world and culture that says you can live your best life now if only you buy this certain program or follow these 5 easy steps. And that noise grows even louder this time of year.

What if instead of asking, what can I achieve this year, we ask, how can I be more like Jesus? Join us this January as we explore specific values of Jesus as revealed in the gospels and focus the new year on one simple goal: to live and to love like Jesus.

Study Questions

Check out these RESOURCES and study questions with a small group (or even on your own) to dive further into this series’ teachings.

Wesleyan Covenant Renewal Prayer Stations

Week #1: Friendship

Week #2: Food (Humility and Dignity)

Week #3: Radical Generosity

Week #4: Small Beginnings

Week #5: Mission

Week #6: Up on The Mountain

Audio-Only Podcasts

Living Like Jesus
Friendship (01.15.23)
  • Friendship (01.15.23)

    Friendship (01.15.23)

    Jan 15, 2023 •

  • Food! (01.22.23)

    Food! (01.22.23)

    Jan 22, 2023 •

  • Generosity (01.29.23)

    Generosity (01.29.23)

    Jan 29, 2023 •

  • Small Beginnings (02.05.23)

    Small Beginnings (02.05.23)

    Feb 5, 2023 •

  • Mission (02.12.23)

    Mission (02.12.23)

    Feb 13, 2023 •

  • Up On The Mountain (02.19.23)

    Up On The Mountain (02.19.23)

    Feb 20, 2023 •

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