Bible Study by Spoken Gospel

This study will guide you through the book of Mark over 12 sessions that include a mixture of videos and written lessons. Check out the introduction below and then click on the link to view the entire study by Spoken Gospel. At that link, you’ll find this introductory video, plus a host of “Devotionals” that will take you through each section of Mark a few chapters at at time. Keep scrolling to the bottom of the page and you’ll find some additional resources and commentaries to help you dive even deeper.

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Discussion Questions

As you begin the study, consider:

  1. What are your feelings and expectations for this study or about the book of Genesis in general?
  2. How familiar are you with the content of this book? Have you ever done a study of Genesis before?
  3. What is it you hope to get from this study? Write out your goals, individually and as a group, so you can review them when this study is over.
  4. Take some time to pray and invite God into your study. Ask him what HE wants you to get out of this and add those things to your list. Ask him to speak to you and to give you open eyes, ears, mind, and heart to receive all that he has for you, in humility, as you move forward. Ask him to give you discernment and wisdom as well, as you explore this study’s particular views about this book.

For each session, consider these questions:

  1. What stood out to you from this week’s reading and why?
  2. What feelings, thoughts, and memories does this passage bring up in you?
  3. Is there anything from this week’s study materials that you disagree with? Explain.
  4. What personal stories or experiences do you have that relate to this passage?
  5. What have you learned about God from this week’s study? What have you learned about yourself? About others?
  6. What more do you want to know about this passage? What questions do you still have?
  7. Where would you like to grow (personally and as a group) in relation to what you’ve just read and discussed? Take time to pray and ask God to help you in this, and brainstorm as a group about how you can act upon this and hold each other accountable in the process.

At the end of your study, consider:

  1. What stuck out to you most from this study? What have you learned about God that you did not know before? What have you learned about yourself? What have you learned about others?
  2. Take some time to review your goals from the beginning of your study. What goals have you accomplished, what are you still working on, and what do you need help with?
  3. What questions do you still have after completing this study?
  4. So what? What are you going to do with what you’ve studied, learned and discussed? Be specific.
  5. Now spend some time in prayer, asking God to awaken his purposes within you concerning this study. Consider whether you need to spend time in repentance, in a time of commitment and commissioning, or in a time of surrender. Add this to your prayer time as the Holy Spirit guides you.

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