Methodism for Smarties

November 2022

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a Methodist? What do we believe about salvation or the Bible? Why do we baptize infants? Or what does it mean to be a part of a United Methodist Church? Join us this November as we dig in to scripture, our Wesleyan theology, and United Methodist polity to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our church!

Want to learn more? Consider joining Rachel every Monday night in November at 6:30pm for a book study on “Being United Methodist in the Bible Belt!” Order your book today and join us as we discuss more about our core Wesleyan beliefs and doctrines.

Study Questions

Check out these RESOURCES and study questions with a small group (or even on your own) to dive further into this series’ teachings.

Week #1, Wesleyan Understanding of Grace

Week #2, Our Connectional Polity

Week #3, Wesleyan Worship

Resources for Further Study

Audio-Only Podcasts

Methodism for Smarties
Methodism for Smarties
Methodism For Smarties - Week #1: (11.6.22)
  • Methodism For Smarties - Week #1: (11.6.22)

    Methodism For Smarties - Week #1: (11.6.22)

    Nov 8, 2022 •

  • Methodism For Smarties - Week #2 (11.13.22)

    Methodism For Smarties - Week #2 (11.13.22)

    Nov 13, 2022 •

  • Methodism For Smarties: Week #3 (11.20.22)

    Methodism For Smarties: Week #3 (11.20.22)

    Nov 21, 2022 •

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