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Current Teaching Series: JOY
Christmas 2018

Joy. It’s the core ingredient of Christmas. A people who walked in darkness have seen a great light! An angel comes with good news of great joy! The magi rejoiced with great joy when they saw the star! In the season of joy to the world, how we can we know God’s joy, find our own joy, and share joy to the world? Join us this Advent Season as we explore the joy of Christ in our midst!

JOY – Week # 1: The Joy of God’s Presence (12.2.18)

Teaching Series: 20/20 Vision
Fall 2018

Vision. The Bible says that without it…the people perish. Corporate America says that every organization needs a vision for where it’s going. What about Revolution Church? Where are we headed? What’s God calling us to do? Join us as we unpack life at Revolution Church through the 2020 year.

20/20 Vision – Week # 1: DEVOTED (11.4.18)

20/20 Vision – Week # 2: IGNITED (11.11.18)

20/20 Vision – Week # 3: GENEROUS (11.18.18)

20/20 Vision – Week # 4: SERVING (11.25.18)

Fall 2018

Wherever you live, you have them. How well do you know them? How much do you interact with them? If they were in need for more than a stick of butter or gas for the lawnmower, would you help them? Neighbors. Jesus has plenty to say about them. Find out just who our neighbors are, and how we’re called to interact with them this Fall at Revolution Church.

Neighbors – Week # 1: Who Is My Neighbor? (9.30.18)

Neighbors – Week # 2: What Kind of Neighbor Am I? (10.7.18)

Neighbors – Week # 3: Going the Extra Mile (10.14.18)

Neighbors – Week # 4: Out of the Ditch (10.21.18)

Neighbors – Week # 5: Loving Our Enemies (10.28.18)

Teaching Series: Legit – Why Character Matters
Late Summer 2018

We want it. We work on it. We try to gain it. Character. Character matters. Who we are, what we value, how we live, what we’ll live and die for – these are some of the many questions we answer when it comes to character. The book of Titus is a letter from Paul to one of his leaders in the early Church. What’s at the heart of the letter? Character. Join us this August and September at Revolution Church as we look at our character and God’s desire to shape it.

Legit – Week # 1: Legit Character (8.19.18)

Legit – Week # 2: Leaders of Character (8.26.18)

Legit – Week # 3: Teachers of Truth (9.2.18)

Legit – Week # 4: Legit Relationships (9.9.18)

Legit – Week # 5: Good Doctrine + Good Deeds (9.16.18)

Legit – Week # 6: Victory In the Mundane (9.23.18)

My Favorite Sermon
Summer 2018

These are some of our all-time favorite messages. But whether old or new, they each have a timeless impact on our lives as Christians. Check them out this summer and maybe they’ll become you’re favorites too!

My Favorite Sermon – Week # 1: Boxes (7.1.18)

My Favorite Sermon – Week # 2: The Well (7.8.18)

My Favorite Sermon – Week # 3: Bragging on Jesus (7.15.18)

My Favorite Sermon – Week # 4: The Case of the Titleist that Went Too Far (7.22.18)

My Favorite Sermon – Week # 5: Free Your Mind (7.29.18)

My Favorite Sermon – Week # 6: Praise (8.5.18) – Download a PDF about the 7 Hebrew Words for Praise

My Favorite Sermon – Week # 7: Transformed (8.12.18)

Shears, Shoots, and Fruit
June 2018

Jesus is getting ready to fulfill his mission. He’s on his way to the cross.He has been betrayed by Judas. He has told Peter he will deny him three times in a matter of hours. So then they leave the meal wondering… will it be their last meal together?

And that’s when he takes them through a vineyard. He’s the True Vine. His Father is the Vine Dresser. There’s cutting and pruning to be done and the purpose is fruit. That’s the purpose – to bear fruit to bring God glory. They are to love one another because they know the Master’s business.

And what happens when we, as Christ’s disciples, spend our time doing just that? What happens when we love one another and remain connected to the vine? We fulfill the purpose for which we have been appointed, and bear fruit that will last! Welcome to the Revolution. Join us this June for our latest teaching series, entitled “Shears, Shoots, and Fruits.”

Shears, Shoots, and Fruit – Week # 1: Cutting + Pruning (6.3.18)

Shears, Shoots, and Fruit – Week # 2: Abiding in Christ (6.10.18)

Shears, Shoots, and Fruit – Week # 3: Laying Down Your Life for Friends (6.17.18)

Shears, Shoots, and Fruit – Week # 4: Chosen + Appointed (6.24.18)

Spring 2018

It’s that time of year when the horses run, flowers bloom, boats are launched, and golf courses are filled with people. Life begins to bloom and remind us of a new season of God’s activity as he’s working in our lives to fill us with real life – abundant life. David captured this kind of life in Psalm 23 when he wrote about his Shepherd that was guiding and leading him all throughout his life. Join us this Spring at Revolution Church for our latest teaching series Filled and find out what the Filled life is all about.

Filled – Week # 1: My Shepherd (5.6.18)

Filled – Week # 2: Pastures (5.13.18)

Filled – Week # 3: The Valley (5.20.18)

Filled – Week # 4: Provision (5.27.18)

Unanswered Prayers
Spring 2018

What’s your unanswered prayer? Everyone has had an unanswered prayer at some point in their life. Whether it’s a need for healing, a situation to change, a relationship to be mended, or a blessing that we believe we need, unanswered prayers happen. Unanswered prayers can be tough. What do we do when our prayers go unanswered? What can we learn?

Unanswered Prayers – Week # 1: Please Save This Relationship (4.8.18)

Unanswered Prayers – Week # 2: Where Were You? (4.15.18)

Unanswered Prayers – Week # 3: God, Save Me from This Job (4.22.18)

Unanswered Prayers – Week # 4: When God Leaves The Thorn (4.29.18)

The Bad Boys of Easter
Lent 2018

What’cha gonna do when they come for you? They all came for him, or they all left him. One by one, disciples, religious leaders, and the Roman Governor, were the bad boys who sent Jesus to the cross. Count down the last hours of Jesus’ life with these bad boys who deceived, doubted, denied, and ultimately put Jesus to his death. The hardest part isn’t what they did… it’s the fact that we also do the same exact things.

The Bad Boys of Easter – Week # 1: Judas (2.18.18)

The Bad Boys of Easter – Week # 2: Philip (2.25.18)

The Bad Boys of Easter – Week # 3: Peter (3.4.18)

The Bad Boys of Easter – Week # 4: Annas + Caiaphas (3.11.18)

The Bad Boys of Easter – Week # 5: Barabbas (3.18.18)

The Bad Boys of Easter – Week # 6: Pilate (3.25.18)

The Bad Boys of Easter – Week # 7: The Great Gals of Easter (4.1.18)

Kingdom Economics
February 2018

We are one month into the new year. Your Christmas bills are now due. Your monthly expenses have gone up. You see the neighbors down the street bought a new car. Your friends bought the latest gadget. They have it all and you seem to never have enough. Why? There was a Father and two sons who had the same struggle. Find out what he learned this February in our latest teaching series Kingdom Economics.

Kingdom Economics – Week # 1: Abundance or Scarcity? (2.4.18)

Kingdom Economics – Week # 2: Investing or Squandering? (2.11.18)

January 2018

Have you ever been in a storm? You become sick. Lose a loved one. There are cutbacks at work and you lose your job. Your marriage is in shambles. Your kids act out. You wonder in the midst of it all…where are you God?!? Everyone goes through a storm. You might be in one now. Join us this January at Revolution Church for our newest series, Storm, and learn how God leads us to the other side of the storm.

Storm – Week # 1: When You Feel Like Jesus Took a Vacation… (1.7.18)

Storm – Week # 2: When Jesus Speaks Into Your Storm (1.14.18)

Storm – Week # 3: When You Leave the Boat (1.21.18)

Storm – Week # 4: Where Do I Go from Here? (1.28.18)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas
Christmas 2017

Advent is the season we often prepare ourselves for the birth of Jesus Christ. But it’s even bigger than that. We also remember that he’s coming back! Join us this season at Revolution Church for our latest teaching series “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” as we prepare our homes and hearts this Advent for Jesus’ return.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Week # 1: It’s More than a Manger… He’s Coming Back! (11.26.17)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Week # 2: Prepare the Way (12.3.17)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Week # 3: Don’t Fall Away… (12.10.17)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Week # 4: Trusting the Promise… Nothing Is Impossible with God (12.17.17)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Week # 5: Christmas Eve (12.24.17)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Week # 6: Waiting… (12.31.17)

Fall 2017

It’s that time of year when the fields are ripe for harvest. There are seasons in the life of the harvest…sowing, growing, and harvesting. God is at work in all of them. This fall, experience the work of God’s harvest as he sows, grows, and harvests a crop one hundred-fold what you would ever believe possible.

Harvest – Week # 1: The Sower and the Seed (10.29.17)

Harvest – Week # 2: The Soils (11.05.17)

Harvest – Week # 3: Disciples + Crowds (11.12.17)

Harvest – Week # 4: The Power of the Harvest (11.19.17)

Fall 2017

RISE. It’s a calling that leaders realize when they are faithful and fruitful to God’s commands. It’s a command that God gives when it’s time to go forward and live into a promise. It’s the crown of victory that God’s people seize through patience and persistence.

Join us this fall at Revolution Church as we study the Book of Joshua and learn how to RISE and seize the promises God has given us.

RISE – Week # 1: The Lesson of Bold Leadership (9.17.17)

RISE – Week # 2: The Lesson of Faithful Process (9.24.17)

RISE – Week # 3: The Lesson of Shelter for the Broken (10.1.17)

RISE – Week # 4: The Lesson of Multiplication (10.8.17)

RISE – Week # 5: The Power in Prayer (10.15.17)

RISE – Week # 6: Revolutionary Ownership (10.22.17)

Route 66 – The Gospel Highway of Hospitality
Summer 2017

During these last days of summer, lots of people travel. Whether its driving historic Route 66 or I-65, the open roads can take us to the next grand adventure God has in store for our lives. Maybe you’ll even have guests come your way. Whether you’re traveling or having guests, hospitality makes the experience all the better.

Hospitality was the way of the ancient world. Loving strangers, caring for missionaries, providing comfort and rest for the weary traveler was a blessing after a long journey. Maybe there is something to be learned from hospitality and the third letter of John to a friend who he calls beloved. Maybe one of the greatest gifts we can offer as these days of summer draw to a close is the gift of hospitality and to love others well.

Join us at Revolution Church this summer as we study 3rd John and learn about the gospel highway of hospitality.

Route 66 – Week # 1: Making Room (8.20.17)

Route 66 – Week # 2: Faithful Hospitality (8.27.17)

Route 66 – Week # 3: When the Door Gets Slammed Shut (9.3.17)

Route 66 – Week # 4: Imitating + Inviting (9.10.17)

Summer Lovin’
Summer 2017

There are so many great passages in Scripture. In fact, the whole book is pretty spectacular! This summer, we want to share with you some of our all-time favorites. Join us this summer for our Summer Lovin’ series, and dive into some of the verses that have impacted your pastors’ lives the most.

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 1: The Thief (7.2.17)

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 2: Fruit Loops (7.9.17)

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 3: God IS Love (7.16.17)

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 4: Barbed Wire (7.23.17)

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 5: Doubt (7.30.17)

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 6: Great Expectations (8.6.17)

Summer Lovin’ – Week # 7: Getting Real with God (8.13.17)

God Never Said That
June 2017

When God moves…it’s like watching a wild fire spread. And when God’s wild fire spreads, you want to catch it, and be part of the movement.

People are caught up in the fire of God’s Spirit that burns brightly on us, in us, through us, to transform us and the world around us. When God moves…it’s through a people and for a people. In this season that we celebrate the birth of the Church and the movement of the Holy Spirit, our hope is that we will catch fire.

Catching Fire – Week # 1: Pentecost (6.4.17 – NO AUDIO)

Catching Fire – Week # 2: The Holy Spirit Works ON Us (6.11.17)

Catching Fire – Week # 3: The Holy Spirit Works IN Us (6.18.17)

Catching Fire – Week # 4: The Holy Spirit Works THROUGH Us (6.25.17)

God Never Said That
Spring 2017

People make a number of claims about what God said…

Whenever God closes a door, he opens a window…
The more you give and live without limits, the more God will bless you…
God doesn’t care what you believe…

Really? Seems like people have a lot to say when it comes to “what God says” on a particular subject. Pop theology, as we’ll call it, might sound nice at first, but are these statements really at the heart of what God has to say to us? Join us this Spring for our teaching series God Never Said That, as we take on some of the pop theology that has made its way into the Church and our culture.

God Never Said That – Week # 1: More Than You Can Handle… (4.23.17)

God Never Said That – Week # 2: When God Closes a Door He Opens a Window (4.30.17)

God Never Said That – Week # 3: The Prosperity Gospel (5.7.17)

God Never Said That – Week # 4: It Doesn’t Matter What You Believe (5.14.17)

God Never Said That – Week # 5: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves (5.21.17)

God Never Said That – Week # 6: You Don’t Have to Go to Church to Be a Christian (5.28.17 – NO AUDIO)

Lent 2017

Have you ever noticed how Jesus seems to love the mud, dirt, and dust?

Follow me (remember Israel is a dusty place)… He took mud and smeared it on the man’s eyes… He stooped down and drew in the dust of the earth…

The Scriptures teach us that our beginning starts in the dust of the earth, and our lives end in the dust of the earth. Lent begins with dust on Ash Wednesday, continues forward in so many miracles that feature the dust of the earth throughout his ministry, comes to Jesus’ own burial in a dusty cave, and then we hear the story of how he rises from the dust and ashes of the earth to new and everlasting life.

The rabbis used to say, “May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.” Join us this season of Lent as we follow Jesus from dust to dust, as he leads us toward the cross and the empty tomb.

Dust – Week # 1: Stay Dusty My Friends (3.5.17)

Dust – Week # 2: Defining the Relationship (3.12.17)

Dust – Week # 3: How Drawing in the Dust Saved a Woman from Rocks (3.19.17)

Dust – Week # 4: Spit + Dust = Sight (3.26.17)

Dust – Week # 5: Walking the Dust + Shaking It Off (4.2.17)

Dust – Week # 6: Returning to Dust (4.9.17)

Dust – Week # 7: Resurrection from the Dust (4.16.17)

February 2017

Do you ever wish that God had a cosmic bullhorn and could simply yell down from the heavens what you were supposed to do and when you were supposed to do it? Would it make knowing your purpose in life easier? 

Sure it would. That’s not how it works – and for a good reason. Join us this February as we journey together through Paul’s second letter to Timothy and learn how to begin discerning your calling or purpose in life.

Bullhorn – Week # 1: Calling VS Vocation (2.5.17)

Bullhorn – Week # 2: It’s All About the Who (2.12.17)

Bullhorn – Week # 3: Discerning Your Calling (2.19.17)

Bullhorn – Week # 4: Letting It All Go for the Glory of God (2.26.17)

Burned Out
January 2017

Have you ever been there? You say things like…

I’m done.
It’s time for something else.
I wish I could just move away and leave it all behind… 

Sure you have. Everyone gets there. Burnout is the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion of a person by way of prolonged and excessive stress. What do we do? Thankfully God offers us a model from a prophet who experienced the symptoms of burnout which left him underneath a broom tree – Elijah.

Join us this new year as we journey together in the best New Year’s resolution of all: to be healthy and spiritually vitalized again.

Burned Out – Week # 1: Realizing You’re Under the Broom Tree

Burned Out – Week # 2: Rest

Burned Out – Week # 3: Recharge!

Burned Out – Week # 4: Realize Your Purpose

The Mamas and the Papas
Christmas 2016

The focal point of Christmas is without a doubt the birth of Jesus Christ. But what about the road to Christmas? Just who were these groovy parents of Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist? Join us this Christmas Season at Revolution Church as we travel the road to Bethlehem for our teaching series the Mamas & the Papas.

The Mamas and the Papas – Week # 1: Joseph

The Mamas and the Papas – Week # 2: Zechariah

The Mamas and the Papas – Week # 3: Mary

The Mamas and the Papas – Week # 4: Elizabeth

The Mamas and the Papas – Christmas Eve: Miracles

The Mamas and the Papas – Christmas: Throne of Lies

The Mamas and the Papas – New Year’s Day: New Year’s Resolution

The Radical Middle
Fall 2016

How can they think that way?!? Ever ask yourself that question? In a time of polar extremes, verbal jabs, and social media throw-downs, what about something radical? What about engaging in conversations without attacking? What about something so radical like middle ground? Join us this fall at Revolution Church as we look at the process, the principle and the polar extremes of the radical middle.

The Radical Middle – Week # 1: The Process

The Radical Middle – Week # 2: The Principle

The Radical Middle – Week # 3: Engaging the Polar Extremes, Part One

The Radical Middle – Week # 4: Engaging the Polar Extremes, Part Two

Fall 2016

Lunch. Churches love lunch. Why? Because it’s one of Jesus’ best miracles. He had a group of people – 5,000 or better the Scriptures tell us – and like all people do, they became hungry. When they became hungry the church had a dilemma – what to do? Send them away, find out if people had loose change, or seek a miracle? Thankfully Jesus showed them the way – to take the abundance of what they were given and ask that it be multiplied. Lunch was bigger than just a meal. It was a training event on what it means to be the church. Join us this fall as we explore the story of the first lunch the church ever had, and what it means for us today.

Lunch – Week #1 (Sorry, no recording available)

Lunch – Week #2: Ministry of Multiplication

Sitting in 8B – Having Conversations that Matter
Early Fall 2016

We travel to places every day. Those places are full of people – people with whom we are able to have conversations that matter. Workplaces. Soccer games. Grocery stores. Restaurants. Even airplanes. If you had the best news in the world – news that could heal, change a life, inspire and give hope, and give a window into the world beyond, wouldn’t you want to share it? Sure you would. Join us this fall as we explore the story of some friends who brought a man to Jesus which changed his life forever.

Sitting in 8B – Week # 1: People Are Searching

Sitting in 8B – Week # 2: Friends Are Seeking

Sitting in 8B – Week # 3: Critics Are Slamming

Sitting in 8B – Week # 4: People Rise Again

The Road to Recovery
Late Summer 2016

Often when we hear the word recovery, we associate it with things like substance abuse and addiction, but the truth is, we all are in need of recovery of some kind. Have you ever eaten more than you knew you should? Have you ever binged on Netflix when you knew you should be doing homework or chores (or sleeping)? Do you ever know the right thing to do but don’t do it? Don’t feel alone. We all deal with life’s hurts, habits, and hang-ups. How often our good intentions remain un-acted upon, while our poor actions seemingly rule over us! Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous but the sinners.” (Mark 2:17) Join us this August – September as we journey through the teachings of Jesus to find true freedom on our own Road to Recovery!

The Road to Recovery – Week # 1: Realize

The Road to Recovery – Week # 2: Earnestly Believe, Consciously Commit

The Road to Recovery – Week # 3: Housecleaning + Transformation  (Download the Moral Inventory)

The Road to Recovery – Week # 4: Evaluating Our Relationships

The Road to Recovery – Week # 5: Reserving Daily Time with God

The Road to Recovery – Week # 6: Using Our Pain to Help Others

God in Search of Us
July 2016

One of the most fundamental questions of our lives is whether or not there is something or better yet someone beyond what we can see, feel, or hear. This question drives many people to a quest, a search, a desire to know whether or not there is a God. People’s search for God is part of every religion. Christianity is very different however. Yes, there is a search for God – people wanting to see, feel, or hear God’s presence, power, or voice. But even more we come to realize that it’s God’s search for us…

Join us this July at Revolution Church for our teaching series God in Search of Us. Stop. Listen. Be found.

God in Search of Us – Week # 1: Searching…

God in Search of Us – Week # 2: Missing (Sorry, no recording available)

God in Search of Us – Week # 3: Following

God in Search of Us – Week # 4: Covenant

lazyLazy – A Lesson in Diligent Faith

Sometimes it’s easy to check out; to let our guard down; to let our routines and schedules take a back seat to the lazy days of summer.  But Scripture warns us to be wise and to redeem the time God has given us.  Join us the first week of July, as we explore what it means to have diligent faith this Summer.

Lazy – A Lesson in Diligent Faith

The Seven Churches of Revelation
May-June 2016

Seven cities. Seven stars. Seven churches. Revelation is a letter from Jesus, written by John, and was addressed to seven churches. The words to the seven churches? Correction, commendation, and call to perseverance. Some churches were living for Jesus, some churches were living for the Friday night parties, and others weren’t living at all. What can we learn from these churches? Lots. Why? None of them exist any longer. Join us May and June for our teaching series on the seven churches of Revelation and be challenged to grow and persevere through good times and bad.

Revelation – Week # 1: Right Ministry, Wrong Reason – The Church at Ephesus

Revelation – Week # 2: Smyrna – Faithful to Death Itself

Revelation – Week # 3: Pergamum – Good Deeds, Bad Doctrine

Revelation – Week # 4: Thyatira – Heavy on Tolerance + Light on Truth

Revelation – Week # 5: Sardis – The Church of Keeping Up Appearances

Revelation – Week # 6: Philadelphia – Faithful Until the End (Sorry, no recording available)

Revelation – Week # 7: Lukewarm in Laodicea

First Series Graphic - JPG

Spring 2016

Be number one! Win the trophy! Climb to the top! It’s funny what our culture does with the desire to be number one. In some circles competition is discouraged. We don’t keep score. We say that everyone is a winner. But it’s all smoke in mirrors. People do keep score. People want to be number one. Is it a bad thing? No. We should want to be our best. Do our best. Realize the potential God has given us. But we can’t be number one at everything. And even more, what if God desires we be number one for a purpose bigger than our own glory? Join us this Spring at Revolution Church for our series First.

FIRST – Week # 1: Realizing Who Is Really First Place – Jesus

FIRST – Week # 2: Not Everyone Is A.P.

FIRST – Week # 3: The Reason Why Most People Aren’t Doctors & Artists

FIRST – Week # 4: My Dad Is Tougher than Your Dad

FIRST – Week # 5: The Reason We Have Unfortunately Given Some Jobs Greater Prominence

FIRST – Week # 6: The First Place Way of Love

Lent 2016

Seeing is believing.  But what if you have the wrong picture?

The Hebrew people saw the acts of God over a history of nearly 2,000 years. And then a Hebrew named Jesus showed up. The claims were radical: more than an angel, fully God and fully human, killed on a Roman cross and raised from the dead to everlasting life. And the biggest of all? The author of salvation and everlasting life. Imagine, in the blink of an eye, everything you believe being rocked. That’s the Book of Hebrews.

Hebrews – Week # 1: Jesus, Greater than the Angels

Hebrews – Week # 2: Jesus, Fully Human

Hebrews – Week # 3: Jesus, Our High Priest

Hebrews – Week # 4: A New Covenant

Hebrews – Week # 5: The Perfect Sacrifice (Sorry, no recording available)

Hebrews – Week # 6: Trusting Jesus

Hebrews – Week # 7: Resurrection Sunday

Laboratory Teaching Slide JPG
Laboratory: Examining Scripture Reading + Prayer
Winter 2016

Read your Bible. Pray.
You hear it all the time. But how do you do it?

Join us for a two-week interactive teaching series that will help you experience different ways of growing closer to God through Scripture reading and prayer.

Laboratory – Week # 1: Read Your Bible

Laboratory – Week # 2: Pray

Laboratory Series Resources

Are you ready to dive deeper into scripture reading and prayer?  Check out these resources to continue your study, as mentioned throughout our series…

Celebration of Discipline – by Richard Foster

The New How to Study Your Bible – by Kay Arthur, David Arthur, Pete DeLacy

FaithLife Study Bible App

Forgiveness Series Graphic JPGForgiveness: Leaving Your Luggage Behind
January 2016

Now there’s a word.
We all need it. We all seek it. We all want it.

But how do we find it? How can we grant it? How do we experience it?
Is there a time when we can forgive, but decide not to be hurt again?
This January find out how to find the healing your heart wants and needs.

Forgiveness Week # 1: Starting with the Heart Surgeon

Forgiveness – Week # 2: Receiving Forgiveness

Forgiveness – Week # 3: Seeking Forgiveness from Others

Forgiveness – Week # 4: What to Do When Someone Has Hurt You

When God Moved In the Neighborhood JPG

When God Moved in the Neighborhood
Christmas 2015

Give me the real thing.

Isn’t that what we all want? The real thing? In a world of so much masquerade, masking, and manipulation, people want what’s real and authentic. So we come to the Christmas season. What’s it all about? In a few words…the real thing. Christmas reveals to us that God went so far to demonstrate his great love for us that he moved in our neighborhood. He walked in our shoes. Lived our life. Why? To give us real life.

Join us this Christmas at Revolution Church as we learn about a God who moved in the neighborhood. Why? He’s the real deal.

When God Moved in the Neighborhood Week # 1 – The Incarnation

When God Moved in the Neighborhood Week # 2 – Pointing to the Light

When God Moved in the Neighborhood Week # 3 – Recognizing + Receiving

When God Moved in the Neighborhood Week # 4 – The Incarnation of Empathy

When God Moved in the Neighborhood – Christmas Eve

Bigger Than Turkey - Teaching Graphic JPGBigger Than Turkey – Stories of Thanksgiving
November 2015

Turkey. Mashed Potatoes. Stuffing. Pumpkin Pie. Football. Family. Thanksgiving.

We love the food, family, and football of Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving goes so much deeper though. It’s an attitude of the heart. This Thanksgiving hear from two of the greatest Church Leaders Paul and Peter about why they are thankful.

Thanksgiving Week # 1 – Sorry this teaching is unavailable.

Thanksgiving Week # 2 – Darrell Pittman

Generosity Series Graphic JPGGenerosity
Fall 2015

God gives us a lot of different kinds of seeds: time, talent, treasure. The question is simply this…how will we generously sow them for the harvest?

Thankfully Jesus gives us an example of how to sow these seeds generously in the parable of the workers in the vineyard. Everyone is invited to sow what they’ve been given generously. The seeds they sow cultivate a great harvest. That harvest of changed lives is the legacy we’re called to leave.

Join us this fall at Revolution Church as we consider generosity and sowing
the seeds God has given us to change the world one life at a time.

Week #1: The Economics of the Kingdom

Week # 2: Generous with Our Time

Week # 3: Generous with Our Treasures

Week # 4: Generous with Our Talents

Week #5: Leaving a Legacy

Tailgating Series Graphic JPGTailgating September 2015

Football is back! The sounds, sights, smells, and the best part: tailgating.

We don’t often think of it but the people of God started out as one great big tailgating party that roamed from place to place for a 40 year season. God promised to be with the people, and the people promised to be with God. The people of God have always been best when they recognize they aren’t a place but a people on the move – a tailgating kind of movement…

Join us this fall at Revolution Church as we look to how we might recapture
the tailgating movement as God’s people called the Church.

Tailgating Week #1: The God Who Goes Tailgating in a Coleman Tent

Tailgating Week #2: Tailgating Movement vs. Temple Model

Tailgating Week #3: Running the Playbook

Tailgating Week #4: Building the Church Everywhere

Tailgating Week #5: Common People

Cast Away Series Graphic JPGCast Away
Summer 2015

Did you ever have the dream of being on a deserted island? It sounds great doesn’t it? Alone. The sun. The sand. The sea. While it sounds great, after a while life on the island gets lonely. You would likely want to leave. Some time ago, the television show Gilligan’s Island was about 7 cast aways who wanted to leave an island they were marooned on, but kept failing in their efforts. What kept them there? The sins and shortcomings in their lives.

Join us this summer at Revolution Church as we look to some original cast aways and consider how to cast away the sins + shortcomings in our own lives.

Week # 1: Cast Away

Week # 2: Maryann + Envy

Week # 3: Ginger + Lust

Week # 4: Mr. Howell + Greed

Week # 5: The Skipper + Anger

Week # 6: Mrs. Howell + Sloth

Week # 7: The Professor + Pride

Week #8: Gilligan + Gluttony

Week #9: Living in Freedom

One Teaching Series Graphic JPGOne Life.
June 7-28, 2015

one life.
It’s all we get.

This one life we are given is open to all kinds of possibilities. To grow. To change. To love + know God, others, and ourselves. To walk with others and see their lives changed before our very eyes.
Join us this June at Revolution Church as we consider the power in this one life,
celebrate our beginnings as a church, considering our vision for the future,
and look to the One True God who is leading us all along the way.

Week # 1: One Life Given + One Life to Change

Week # 2: One Table

Week #3: One Church

Week # 4: One Love

Daniel Teaching Slide JPGUnshakable
April 19 – May 31, 2015

Do you ever feel like life is moving too fast?

Values are changing. Cultures are transforming. People are adapting. Sometimes things are changing so fast that it can feel like you are living as an outsider in a foreign land.

Join us this Spring as we journey with Daniel, an unshakable leader with unshakable faith that God used to change the values, culture, and people of a foreign land who were living life in the fast lane.

Week #1: Standing for Purity in a Climate of Impurity

Week #2: Speaking the Truth in a Culture of Spin

Week # 3: Worshipping God in a Culture of Idolatry – Tyler Brumfield

Week # 4: Offering Repentance to a Culture of Tolerance

Week #5: Being Faithful When Culture Longs to Destroy You

Week # 6: Seeing the Son of Man and Finding Strength

Week # 7: Unshakable to the End

Losing My Religion Series Graphic JPGLosing My Religion
February 15 – April 12, 2015

Religion. Isn’t that what we’re talking about?
People ask that about church, Christianity, and the purposes of Jesus Christ. But for as much as we sit in pews, talk about rituals, and learn about rules for living, is that really what Christian faith and life are all about?

Join us this Spring for our journey into the season of Lent as we study the Book of Galatians and learn that the goal has never been a religion…it’s always been the grace of God as a gift to us.

Week #1: What’s So Hard About Grace?!?

Week #2: The Gospel of Grace or the Grind of Heavy Lifting?

Week #3: Grace Revealed to Give Grace Away

Week #4: A Gospel for All

Week#5: Who is at the Center of the Universe?

Week #6: Was Pelagius Right – Should We Simply Try Harder?

Week #7: The Two Trees

Easter: The Wager of Grace

Week #9: Living in Grace + Giving Grace to Others

Stuck Teaching Series Slide JPGStuck?
January 4 – February 8, 2015

Have you ever been stuck?

In life? At work? With trying to understand what your purpose in life is all about?

We all get stuck from time to time. Life gets messy, we find ourselves headed down a path we never wanted to follow, or struggle in relationships. The beauty is that God meets us in the mess and uses it to help us grow.

Join us this January as we look to the story of Joseph, a guy who got stuck in a variety of messy places and situations which God used to change his life and the lives of other people.

Week # 1 – Stuck

Week # 2 – When You’ve Been Accused…

Week # 3 – When You’ve Been Passed Over for Promotion...

Week #4 – Seizing the Divine Moment…

Week # 5 – Faithful with God’s Fortunes

Week # 6 – Giving God Glory and Not Seeking Revenge

Promise Teaching Slide JPGPromise
November 30 – December 28, 2014

The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel – which means, “God with us.” Matthew 1:23

Since the beginning, God has been making promises.

He made promises in a garden. To Abraham. Moses. David.
Ultimately God promised that a Savior would come who would
come and live among the people, shepherd them, and be a new kind of king.

Join us this Christmas Season as we look at the Scriptures God makes
throughout the Scriptures that led to the birth of Jesus Christ,
the Savior of the World.

Week # 1 – Meeting God in the Waiting

Week # 2 – A New Kind of King for a New Kind of Kingdom

Week # 3 – A Shepherd Who Brings Hope

Week # 4 – Waiting for a Yes.

Week # 5 – Seeking Holiness

Christmas Eve – Good News

Thrive Teaching Series Graphic JPGThrive – Fall 2014

Imagine being the brother or sister of Jesus. Would you believe Jesus was the messiah? Would you trust him with your life? Would you give your life for him? James went from an unconvinced little brother to a man on a mission. What was his mission? To give a simple message to the early church. Don’t just listen to the word. Do what it says. Don’t just claim to have faith. Let your works show your faith in action.

Join us this fall as we study the book of James and learn how followers of Jesus thrive in life and in faith when we put our faith into action.

Week # 1 – Thrive – Thriving in the Midst of Trial 

Week # 2 – Thrive – Heart + Hands

Week#3 – Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Week #4 – Faith + Works

Week #5: Taming the Tongue

Week #6: Managing Our Conflicts

Game Day

Game Day – Fall 2014

It’s football season, and depending on your love of college or pro football, either Saturday or Sunday is game day. Teamwork, commitment, and a playbook of guiding values and actions guide each team toward victory.

And it’s no different for churches. Join us beginning September 7, as we consider football, faith, and the power of teamwork on game day.

Week # 1 – Game Day! Knowing God’s Playbook…

Week # 2 – Game Day! Reading the Defense

Week # 3 – Game Day! Learning by getting in the Huddle

Week # 4 – Game Day! Serving by Way of Looking to the Scoreboard

Week # 5 – Game Day! The Power of Replication

Ritual Teaching Slide JPGRitual Teaching Series – August 2014

Ever wonder, “Why do they do that?!?” Why is Sunday the day for worship? Why does one church read the Scriptures one way and another church reads them differently? Why do some churches baptize only adults and others children and adults? And yeah, what’s that whole Holy Communion thing about? This teaching series looks at the rituals of the church and considers the question, “Why do they do that?”

Week # 1 – Why Do We Worship on Sunday?

Week #2 – Why Do we Read Scripture (and read it differently)?

Week #3 – Why Do We Baptize?

Week #4 – Why Do We Celebrate Holy Communion (and what does it mean)?