Renovation Home Groups

Life is Renovated with Others. Some things are better in groups. This is why we connect, grow, and serve with others in our neighborhoods or with people who are in a similar life stage. Our Renovation Groups utilize materials that connect with our Sunday morning teaching experience, and meet weekly in people’s homes, restaurants, bars, or coffee shops.

Renovation Groups care for one another’s needs, and engage in service to the community. Bible studies, book studies, and experiential workshops are all part of the Renovation Experience. These groups are located throughout Louisville, and meet the needs of multiple ages. In some cases, childcare is available during the meeting times as well.

Click on the button below to sign up for a Renovation Home Group, or contact Executive Pastor Matt Bauer if you have questions or require assistance.



Discussion Materials

If you are participating in a Renovation House Group or leading one, the materials for the studies each week can be found here. Remember that each week’s material corresponds to a particular Sunday’s teaching…

Resurrecting Me – Week # 1: Rest (4.19.20)

Resurrecting Me – Week # 2: Grief/Sadness/Despair (4.26.20)

Resurrecting Me – Week # 3: Fear (5.3.20)

Resurrecting Me – Week # 4: Doubt (5.10.20)

Resurrecting Me – Week # 5: Shame (5.17.20)

Resurrecting Me – Week # 6: Recovery (5.24.20)