Virtual Book Club

Here’s how one of our groups (led by Laurel and Justin Stewart) is making an impact in our community. To learn how you can get involved, reach out to us at

Revolution has partnered with Family Scholar House for many years, in multiple ways, but the longest running ministry has been the Kids Book Club. It’s had multiple leaders over the years but for the past several years it has been led by Sara Tinker, a member of the Release Team and a member of the Renovation Group led by Laurel and Justin Stewart. Our group loves volunteering for Book Club and have been regulars of this outreach for some time. Pre-Covid, the Book Club met every other month at the downtown FSH campus to read books, create art and share snacks with the kids and their parents. We also hosted an annual party where families from both communities could come together to enjoy food, games, crafts and each other’s company.

Book Club has always been a ministry where a small investment of time and money creates huge opportunities for relational service and experiences. Regular volunteers from Revolution have been able to walk with single parents as they get a new start with FSH and pursue college degrees and greater independence for their families. Kids and parents alike from both communities get to spend time together and build relationships together. It may not be a church service, but the Spirit is very, very present during Kids Book Club.

With the onset of Covid, in-person events at FSH had to stop. But as Revolution continued talking with FSH staff about their needs, we knew we needed to do something creative to keep this ministry going. So in November, our Renovation Group, along with a few others, joined with families from FSH over Zoom and held an online version of Kids Book Club. We created kits with books, craft supplies and snacks that were dropped off at the FSH campus ahead of time. Oliver Tinker even led what he called “Turkey Yoga” to get everyone warmed up. It wasn’t quite the same as meeting in person, but it was still so good. FSH staff shared that it was the first virtual event any community partner had created for the kids at FSH since Covid had struck the community. We’re so thankful to be a part of this transformational ministry to our community!