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During these last days of summer, lots of people travel. Whether its driving historic Route 66 or I-65, the open roads can take us to the next grand adventure God has in store for our lives. Maybe you’ll even have guests come your way. Whether you’re traveling or having guests, hospitality makes the experience all the better.

Hospitality was the way of the ancient world. Loving strangers, caring for missionaries, providing comfort and rest for the weary traveler was a blessing after a long journey. Maybe there is something to be learned from hospitality and the third letter of John to a friend who he calls beloved. Maybe one of the greatest gifts we can offer as these days of summer draw to a close is the gift of hospitality and to love others well.

Join us at Revolution Church this summer as we study 3rd John and learn about the gospel highway of hospitality.

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Route 66 Preview Video – Summer 2017 from Revolution Church of Kentucky on Vimeo.

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Route 66 – Week # 1: Making Room (8.20.17)

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Route 66 – Week # 1: Making Room (8.20.17)

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