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We want it. We work on it. We try to gain it. Character. Character matters. Who we are, what we value, how we live, what we’ll live and die for – these are some of the many questions we answer when it comes to character. The book of Titus is a letter from Paul to one of his leaders in the early Church. What’s at the heart of the letter? Character. Join us this August and September at Revolution Church as we look at our character and God’s desire to shape it.

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Legit – Week # 5: Good Doctrine + Good Deeds (9.16.18)

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Legit – Week # 1: Legit Character (8.19.18)

Legit – Week # 2: Leaders of Character (8.26.18)

Legit – Week # 3: Teachers of Truth (9.2.18)

Legit – Week # 4: Legit Relationships (9.9.18)

Legit – Week # 5: Good Doctrine + Good Deeds (9.16.18)

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