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When God moves…it’s like watching a wild fire spread. And when God’s wild fire spreads, you want to catch it, and be part of the movement.

People are caught up in the fire of God’s Spirit that burns brightly on us, in us, through us, to transform us and the world around us. When God moves…it’s through a people and for a people. In this season that we celebrate the birth of the Church and the movement of the Holy Spirit, our hope is that we will catch fire.

Series Preview

Catching Fire Preview Video – June 2017 from Revolution Church of Kentucky on Vimeo.

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Catching Fire – Week # 3: The Holy Spirit Works IN Us (6.18.17)

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Catching Fire – Week # 1: Pentecost (6.4.17 – NO AUDIO)

Catching Fire – Week # 2: The Holy Spirit Works ON Us (6.11.17)

Catching Fire – Week # 3: The Holy Spirit Works IN Us (6.18.17)

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