Life is better together.

Connect, Grow, and Serve with Others

The very first thing God ever called “not good” was that we would live our lives alone (Genesis 2:18). The thing is, life is just better when we’re together. We are made to love and relate to others, to share our joys and our sorrows, to talk and laugh with each other, to care for one another. And it makes us stronger, healthier, better people when we let ourselves be shaped by a close community of fellow Christians.

There are so many ways to connect at Revolution, and these are just some of the ways you can find your place here. Be sure also to check out our SERVE page to see what teams are waiting for someone just like you.

Life is renovated with others. This is why we connect, grow, and serve with each other in small groups called Renovation Groups. Almost everyone at Revolution is part of one of these groups, which we consider to be the forefront of the life of the church. Our Renovation Groups utilize materials that connect with our Sunday morning teaching experience, and meet weekly in people’s homes, restaurants, or coffee shops.

Renovation Groups pray together, grow together, and serve together, as they care for each other’s needs, and engage in service to our community. Bible studies, book studies, and experiential workshops are all part of the Renovation Experience. These groups are located throughout Louisville, and meet the needs of multiple ages. In some cases, childcare is available during the meeting times as well.

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