Winter 2021

Resilience. The human capacity to get up again and again after falling down; the ability to recover quickly from many difficulties. A new year typically sparks excitement for new opportunities, plans, dreams, and goals. And yet, at the beginning of this new year we still find ourselves in the middle of a worldwide health crisis and an amended way of life. Hope is on the horizon, but we know any semblance of normal, or even a “new normal,” is still months away. What we need now is resilience. What we need now is the firm foundation of scripture and our Christian tradition that show us that our faith is resilient because of the sure hope we have in Jesus Christ. Join us this January as we review practices for cultivating hope in the midst of incredible suffering through meaning, creativity, and community.

Study Questions

Check out these study questions with a small group (or even on your own) to dive further into this series’ teachings.

Week # 2: Cultivating Creativity (1.10.21)
Week # 3: Cultivating Community (1.17.21)
Week # 4: Jonah (1.24.21)
Week # 5: Jeremiah (1.31.21)

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